Our Christchurch manufacturing plant has a range of high-end Lathes, Horizontal and Vertical CNC machines. These automated machines mean that our products are manufactured to the same specifications every time. We only use high quality 7075-T6 and 6061 T6511 Alloy to machine our products, then hard anodised (type 3) to increase wear durability.

Type 3 Anodising

Often referred to as hard anodising is produced in a chilled bath at or around zero degrees, and is more than twice as thick as type II.  It is used where a super hard surface is required.  The raw coating is comes in various shades of brown, and is generally dyed black for consistency.  The coating provides a scratch resistant surface and is used in military and industrial equipment, sporting equipment and anywhere with a load bearing surface.

cncIn contrast Type 2 anodising uses a room temperature sulphuric acid based chemical solution to produce a thin oxide layer.  This layer can be coloured to virtually any colour of the rainbow, and is often referred to as cosmetic anodising.

The high quality raw material coupled with high-tech CNC machining means that Revolution Components is able to offer a high quality NZ made product with industry leading performance.

Revolution Components – Black wear it matters.